TD Markets: My Unbiased Review for 2018

One of the examples of a binary and forex broker is the TD Markets. Founded in 2015, it’s one of the best brokers that offer an excellent platform – the MT4. TDM Holdings is the company above this broker. A few of the quality of this broker is the excellence it offers its clients. Most traders use the platform it was due to its reliability.

Traders can expect a good trading result due to the DMA execution it offers. Clients have an easy and fast understanding of trading policies due to this broker. It also gives them a chance to manage their accounts effectively.


  • Traders already have a deposit in their Smart Account

  • The DMA regulation covers the Smart Account of the traders. Hence, there wouldn’t be other traders who would use their accounts

  • Traders would gain EU rates in the management of their accounts

  • The trading options result in 1 cent in each pip

  • There’s reliable support who would help traders

Trading Platforms

Traders trust TD Markets due to the trading platform it has. The MT4 allows traders to make excellent trading transactions. Not only that. They would be familiar with the market dynamics. These give them an effective way to make a trade successfully. They would be capable of analyzing the market dynamics and gain excellent results from it.

The excellent ways of having the dynamic functionalities results to success. Also, it’s good for the traders to do the payment methods. They can do it through bank wire or credit cards.

Type of Accounts

TD Markets offer clients a demo account that all traders are welcome to use. They would have the easy management of their account. But, it’s only the start. Traders would also have a clear understanding of how their accounts work.

When the traders have their own, it would be easy to make a trade using virtual money. Also, trading functions would have a successful result at all times. Clients would have the edge when it comes to real trading.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The deposit process involves using e-wallet, bitcoins, and credit or debit cards. The trade has a sure way of depositing in the best possible way. During the deposit process, customers can choose from the following:

  • Afridollar

  • Wire Transfer

  • Credit

  • Debit

  • Bitcoin

All of these options are good as it gives traders an effective deposit result. The emergence of cryptocurrencies also add to the trader's advantage

When it comes to the withdrawal, it takes about three days that covers review and processing purposes. If the transfers are below $200, there’s a charge to the traders. But, the traders have satisfaction during the withdrawal.

Spreads, Leverage, Commissions

With the low deposit, traders can expect high levels of leverage. The spreads are comparatively low What about the commission? Of course, traders can expect commissions in having TD markets as a broker. Also, it offers an excellent condition to the traders so they can be assuring of success in their trade.


TD Markets have a reliable and excellent support team who takes care of calls and inquiries. They’re also open through live chat and emails. TD Markets also has a group of account managers and expert traders to give clients the information they need to have.

TD Markets does it best to support clients in the best possible way. There’s an assurance of success in a trade due to its team of experts.


  • Traders have a variety of financial tools that they can use. These make their trading process accurate and a success

  • The MT4 platform is easy and reliable to all traders. It makes the trading process easy and effective.

  • Clients can expect a return that is 85%. In this way, they have the assurance of gaining success in their trade goals


  • TD Markets don’t accept US traders. Hence, other traders don’t have the chance to use its platform

  • There are no bonus program so traders wouldn’t have it that sets a low trading process



TD Markets provides success to traders to gain success. The MT4 trading platform is ideal for traders for them to be successful. It also poses effective and reliable payment methods that give satisfaction to clients.